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Information to Power Innovation in Maryland (IPIM) Substance Abuse Treatment

Researcher(s): (Douglas Young) (Jayme Delano)


In the Information to Power Innovation in Maryland (IPIM) project, IGSR researchers developed and tested a substance-abuse practice improvement system in several treatment provider sites around the state. The Feedback Assessment and Capabilities System (FACS) employed data available from the SMART IT system and organizational surveys administered to managers and staff. Program administrators and staff in four sites participated in a training workshop devoted to reviewing their site's FACS results regarding use of evidence-based practices and organizational strengths and weaknesses. Workshop attendees developed action plans to address the FACS results. Researchers tracked staff participation in the protocol and progress on action plans compared the impacts of the protocol at the four experimental sites and four control sites on client retention, staff-reported practices, and organizational measures of effectiveness.

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