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Implementing CompStat and Crime Analysis in Maryland Law Enforcement Agencies

Researcher(s): (Laura Wyckoff) (Jeanne Bilanin) (Rachel Boba Santos)


The overarching purpose of this six-year initiative was to expand the implementation and institutionalization of CompStat and Crime Analysis in police agencies across Maryland by providing training and tailored assistance as well as by making available best practices and products in these areas. The project team combined researchers and practitioners with knowledge and experience in implementing important components of CompStat and Crime Analysis, such as leadership, the problem-solving process, crime analysis and mapping techniques, and accountability strategies. The project team developed a multi-phased plan that delivers tailored assistance and training to police agencies at various levels of implementation. Two project websites, were developed as part of the initiative to provide CompStat and Crime Analysis resources and information to Maryland police agencies and agencies around the world during the life cycle of the project. The Maryland Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention funded this project under grant number BJAG-2009-1306.

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